About MeYoTai

Improve Your Lifestyle and Mindfulness

Physically, Mentally and Spiritually by Master Chetan Chauhan

MeYoTai is a startup operating in wellness and wellbeing fields, founded by Chetan Chauhan in 2018. Our aim is to provide an excellent inner experience to People and or Organizations throughout our method.

MeYoTai concept took origin from an innovation brought by Master Chetan Chauhan which experimented a unique fusion among Indian and Oriental disciplines: Meditation, Yoga, Taichi, Kalaripayattu, Indian Contemporary Techniques. The result is an interesting and healthy method that activate senses and emotions, energizes body and generates higher awareness. 

Let’s your body and mind flow with MeYoTai.

About me

Hi, I’m Chetan Chauhan, Indian master coach of MeYoTai

Indian Artist specialized in Movement Arts, passionate about exploring and learning new techniques from diverse disciplines of India & South Asia. My aim is then, to bring these pure and refined techniques to Europe to improve harmony between physical, mental and spiritual aspects of people’s health and mindfulness. I do it by creating MeYoTai Flow, which is a fusion of Meditation, Yoga, Taichi and Kalaripayattu (Indian Martial Arts), making it easy to access to students at all levels from beginners to advanced.